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Terms of Service
Kai Pautsch EDV saves the entered data on its servers in the European Union for a maximum of 10 years. The entered data will not be given to third parties and will not be used for other purposes than generating and activating the trial license. You are responsible to keep the trial license you receive covered. There is no guarantee to get a trial license, we can deny any request without giving reasons. The trial license is only for private use. If we detect hacking or too much traffic we are able to disable or delete your license. To detect hacking and DDoS we save the IP-Address of the Sender of data for 6 hours, after that the data is deleted automatically, we don't give that information to third parties. We point out that any data connection in the internet can include security leaks, we do our best but we can not guarantee that the data is always protected of the access of third parties. You give us the right to analyse and view the activations of the software. There is no guarantee of the data correctness. We are able to disable the service for you or all users at any time without any announcement. There is no guarantee of availability of the service. If you have problems with the captcha or the registration you can contact the webmaster by writing a mail which you can find in the Kai Pautsch EDV Imprint. Additonal information also about data protection can be also found in the Imprint.